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Putting An End To Domestic Violence – Divorce Lawyer on Long Island

Divorce Lawyer on Long Island

Unfortunately, domestic violence cases have become all too frequent across the country. Feeling unsafe and intimidated should never be an aspect of an intimate relationship. Shockingly, an average of nearly 20 people is physically abused by a partner in their relationship per minute. During the time period of one year, this can equate to nearly 10 million people in the United States. Your local Divorce Lawyer on Long Island understands the issues behind most domestic violence cases and is here to offer quality services for those looking to put a stop to this heinous abuse.

What Can You Do To Help?

Despite the outlandish circumstances that lead to domestic violence, there are those who are determined to put a stop to this unspeakable crime. It’s imperative that the general public understands the potential warning signs that this horrendous act might be going on to someone you know. Examples of these cautionary circumstances can include the following:

  • If you suspect that a co-worker, friend or loved one might be a victim of domestic abuse, reach out to them. Discuss what you think might be happening and voice any concerns you may have. If nothing else, you’ll feel better knowing you did the right thing.
  • Should there be sufficient evidence of domestic abuse, contact the police. Don’t allow the person involved to suffer through something so horrifying.
  • If you’re intimidated by these two options, consider suggesting that the potential victim reaches out to a domestic violence outreach organization.   

What If You’re The Victim?

Your Divorce Lawyer on Long Island wants everyone to understand that domestic violence is an act that you should never force yourself to just deal with. Nobody deserves to be physically or emotionally ruined, especially by someone they thought they could trust. If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, here are some options to consider:

  • Keep your safety as the top priority. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline in order to discuss what you can do to protect yourself.
  • You can always reach out to the police if you fear that your well-being is in danger. Don’t be afraid to seek protection or help.
  • If you don’t feel safe at home, reach out to a friend or loved one and seek shelter at their location. You can also contact a local domestic violence shelter for your safety.

For more information regarding what you can do about domestic violence, contact your local Divorce Lawyer on Long Island for an appointment and free consultation. Your lawyer can lay out options for getting you out of this abusive and unhealthy relationship, make an appointment today.