Divorce Mediation on Long Island

Exempting the cause, a divorce is an agreement and as with any agreement the details make the deal. With so many different issues encompassing the whole of the topic of divorce, it becomes difficult to reach a settlement with so many loose ends. Divorce mediation exists to tie-up loose ends and help a separated couple decide on who lays claim to what in a more hospitable manner. If you live in the Long Island, a great alternative route for divorce is to go through divorce mediation.

A divorce mediator is a neutral third-party serving as a contact and assistant to each party involved in a divorce. The main appeal toward having a divorce mediator is that it prevents most of the litigation that would typically occur when divorced parents are attempting to settle accounts with one another. It will reduce your overall divorce process  time as well as costs. The U.S. government recognizes divorce mediation as an alternative method of resolving divorce disputes as opposed to arguing in court. Divorce is a private matter and addressing it publicly is difficult for some.
While Long Island may have among the lowest divorce rates in the nation, hiring a divorce mediator can save you from drawn-out court disputes over custody and property. Simonetti and Associates has had over 28 years of experience settling divorce disputes and is regarded to have the best divorce lawyers on Long Island. If reaching an agreement in your divorce proves too difficult ask for divorce mediation from Simonetti and Associates.