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Divorced Parents Around The Holidays – Divorce Lawyer in South Hempstead

Divorce Lawyer in South Hempstead

Although it may sound harsh, divorces around the holiday season are indeed a potential occurrence. Even afterward, this season will be different year after year for your ex-spouse and your children. Combined with the holiday season (and your children if applicable) this can make a once joyous season a miserable experience. Because of these complications, seeking the assistance of a divorce lawyer in South Hempstead can provide benefits.

Tips For Keeping Everyone Happy

Circumstances surrounding the divorce shouldn’t overlap the needs of your children, as they will always require your attention. Your direct relationship may be ending, but that should never include severing ties with your children. Mainly, you’re going to need to make a few sacrifices for their sake. Helpful tips recommended by your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead can include the following:   

  • Be Honest – Your children are smarter than you realize, they’re likely aware that things have changed. Remember, be honest, and remind that no matter what happens both parents will still love them unconditionally.
  • Start Planning Now – Communicate with your ex-spouse and plan accordingly for the upcoming holiday season. If they’re old enough to understand, try consulting with them. You’ll want to make sure that you’re also adhering to their wants/desires.
  • Manage Your Expectations – Realistically speaking, your ideal expectations may no longer be attainable. Regardless of what you may try to incorporate, the holiday’s will likely no longer be the same for yourself or your family. Remember always to maintain secure communication, think through every possibility, and try to put your children before yourself. The situation may be strenuous initially, but you may see improvement year after. Learning from previous holiday seasons can undoubtedly assist.
  • Celebrate The Holidays Together – If possible, you can explore the option of still celebrating the holidays together with your ex-spouse. Divorce can be rough, but every situation is different. Perhaps you and your former husband/wife had a clean break-up with plenty of understanding. Inform your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead of what the current tension is like in the relationship. Perhaps they can provide helpful tips.  
  • Make New “Traditions” Like most families, traditions are a common occurrence during the holiday season. Situations may have changed, but perhaps new traditions can develop to help replace the former ones. Involve your children as well, see what may interest them.


Despite the tension of your divorce, the holiday season is still going to proceed as scheduled. Circumstances are indeed different, but you still have your kids, friends, and family. Consider a free consultation from your divorce lawyer in South Hempstead for other helpful information.