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Does it matter who files for divorce first?- Huntington Divorce Lawyer

If you feel as if your marriage is coming to an end, it is important to become knowledgeable about divorce. Although learning more about divorce may not be something everyone wants to do, it is important especially if you are planning on filing for divorce. To begin the process of divorce, someone needs to file for divorce. The person who files for divorce has to pay for the initial filing fee, but many lawyers think that is a small price for the many advantages of filing for divorce first.

Advantages to Filing First


  • You can take your time with it. Once you are served, you have only thirty days to respond with the lawyer of your choice. If you are served, contacting a Huntington Divorce Lawyer can help you greatly. Filing first gives you time to plan, meaning you can take awhile to select your lawyer rather than rushing to make the thirty day time period.


  • You can save for it. If you are filing first, it means you have thought about divorce for some time. This means you were able to save up for the finances of divorce, which could become expensive.
  • You have the choice on which court will first hear your case. If you file first, you can have the case heard in your residential area, which could save you time and money.
  • You speak first. If you are the one serving your spouse, you are considered the petitioner. This means you are the first one to make an argument at the court.
  • It could affect your spouse psychologically. Many lawyers feel that filing first gives you a psychological advantage; you are prepared and they are not. Divorce can be a long process, so being the one to initiate it gives you a head start.



  • There are many more advantages to filing for divorce first. To learn more, contact a Huntington Divorce Lawyer.


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