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Domino Divorce – Divorce lawyer in Commack

Are you more at risk for a divorce if your friends or family have recently gone through a one? This is known as a domino divorce. Watching someone close to you go through a divorce can have a negative effect on you and your relationship as well; that is why we are going to go into detail on what exactly is a domino divorce and how can we prevent it. At Simonetti & Associates, we have been voted best divorce lawyer on Long Island, allowing us to help those living all throughout Long Island, go through this transition time.

What Is A Domino Divorce?

One may think that a divorce only affects the couple that is going through it, however, all the people that surround the divorcing couple can both feel and see the effects. This can result is a positive or negative outcome. In most cases, one will begin to try and relate their friend’s relationship with theirs. They may begin to reflect on their own relationship and realize how lucky they are, or recognize the problems that are occurring in theirs.

How To Prevent A Divorce From Happening.

Although at times it may seem like a divorce is the only option, it is important to step back and assess the situation. There are some ways to prevent divorce and save your marriage. These preventative tips include:

  •      Don’t point fingers. Rather than pointing fingers at your partner right away, reflect on your role and responsibility within a certain incident. Put yourself in their shoes and empathize with their feelings.
  •      Make time for each other. It is important to create special time with each other, whether it be a night out for dinner or even just talking about your day.  It is good to find shared interests and activities with one another and to truly understand your partner more.
  •      Compliment one another. Compliment each other either in your private own time or in front of others. This will create a sense of confidence and trust in the relationship.

When considering going through a divorce there are a lot of things to deliberate, some legal and some not, that is why you should consult with the best divorce lawyer on Long Island to make it easier for you. If divorce is the right decision and you are looking for the professional and qualified legal help, contact us today!