Don’t Lose at Divorce

Divorce is a topic we would all rather bury but is too prominent an issue to not bother with. There is so much at stake in a marriage and while vows are made, welfare and livelihood is also at stake. The word “wedding” itself is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word “wedd” which means “to wager” the name even implies you’re gambling with your assets. By no means is this mean to insult the ceremony and procedure of legal binding and by all accounts it can be both lucrative and sentimentally fulfilling.

Whether you can’t stand the thought of no longer being considered an individual, a loss of attraction, or a difference in direction divorce happens and it happens frequently. When you have lived with someone for so long it becomes difficult to ascertain the propriety of possessions giving way to the primary conflict with most divorce cases: property, custody, and asset disputes. Your wealth is shared so the lines between “yours” and “theirs” become blurred and jointed and the 40 to 50 percent rate of divorce makes the possibility far too likely to completely disregard.

Divorce rates on Long Island may be statistically the lowest in the nation if you come to the point of needing a divorce and you live on Long Island then finding a lawyer experienced in the field may prove to be difficult. Simonetti and Associates have consistently been voted the best divorce orientated law firm on Long Island and have been in operation for 28 years.  Experience and consistency is difficult to find when your region of choice has such a low rate of divorce; few law firms on Long Island can boast the consistency and prowess of Simonetti.