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Factors that may predict divorce.

Factors that may predict divorce.

When looking at couples, it can be hard to notice if they are fully content with their relationship.  Divorce rates are not an easy matter to study; however, psychologists have been able to recognize some factors that can indicate that a couple may be on the verge of a divorce.   The American Psychological Association has found that about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.  Simonetti & Associates, a firm in Massapequa NY divorce lawyer, offers numerous cost-efficient and effective options for couples. For 29 years, our firm has been serving both Nassau and Suffolk County.

Factors to look out for.

Psychologists have studied couples with relationship issues and have found that they share commonalities, from their arguments to their employment status or education level. Our Massapequa NY divorce lawyers are prepared to help you overcome these difficult times.  Here are some factors that may indicate divorce:

  •      Age
  •      Demographics
  •      Neuroticism
  •      Infidelity

When it comes to life-long relationships, age does matter.  You should never rush into a marriage, you should marry when you are ready.  Couples who marry early in age have a greater risk of getting a divorce and couples who marry later tend to have a long-lasting relationship. Demographics can also play a major role in your relationship.  Education levels and employment status come hand-in-hand; the lower the education level, the lower the income, this can cause a more stressful life and can cause arguments to occur. Having a higher education and receiving a higher income than your partner can cause stressful environment as well.

Neuroticism refers to your emotional stability, how sensitive you are to apparent threats and how likely you are to ponder about them.  Having a hard time coping with threats or difficult situations can cause an unstable relationship and even an unstable household environment.  Infidelity is the most known leading factor in divorce.  Cheating never leads to any positive outcome. It causes trust issues between the partners and leads to an unhealthy relationship, which in turn could lead to divorce.

We are here to help you.

If you are dealing with any marital issues, either dealing with these factors listed or not, our Massapequa NY divorce lawyers are here to help you. Our attorney’s experience combined is over 70 years of managing complex cases relating to divorce or other family matters.  We are here to help you today.