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Fatherhood: A Right Worth Fighting For

It is unavoidable that during separation or divorce in which children are involved there will be questions regarding who gets what kind of custody and when. Unfortunately many fathers’ fear that courts will favor giving sole custody to the mother of the child. It is important to remember that the courts are first and foremost interested in what is best for the child. One of the biggest things that stands out in custody battles is the prominence of where a child lives.  Living situations can be a big deal depending on whether or not the separated parents intend to live nearby to one another. But just like the courts, parents only want what is best for their child.  The hard part is deciding what is actually best for your child, because what is better than a child having a strong relationship with each of their parents.

So have no fear, your lawyers are here. It is important to remember the one thing that you are likely to be hearing over and over again, everyone just wants what is best for any child involved. Good thing that no sex can be assigned to the qualifications of being a parent who is present and supportive both emotionally and financially. Each case and each family is different and therefore there cannot be any assumptions going into a case that either candidate would be better for sole custody.  Despite what we might think fathers’ have just as many rights’ as mothers.  Likely, the only reason we see custody battles ending the way they do is as a direct result of our preconceived sociological norms. Women are expected to be present and nurturing whereas men are expected to put on a suit and head to work in order to support his family financially, regardless of his family situation.  Don’t let stereotypes get in the way of your family, every parent should have a relationship with their child in order to watch them grow.

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