High-Asset Complex Divorce on Long Island

High Asset Divorce Long Island

Long Island is one of the most expensive suburbs in New York State and an established career is essential in order to afford a comfortable lifestyle. Working long hours to afford a lavished lifestyle can cause issues within your marital relationship, and this rift can cause you and your loved one to head towards divorce.

Divorce causes plenty of emotions such as sadness, regret, frustration, and anger. As some couples have built businesses together or hold a significant share in a company or professional practice, this can make their divorce complex and can cause extra stress when it comes to money and the division of these assets.

How Can We Provide Assistance?

Our team works closely to make sure you are treated fairly when it comes to the distribution of assets and the protection of your financial interests. Our extensive experience dealing with high asset cases involve an assessment and distribution of the marital estate, businesses, real estate, investments, retirement accounts, investments, alimony, and child support.

In some cases, one partner may have private bank accounts and hidden assets. Private investigators and forensic accountants may be called in to investigate to make sure each partner gets what is deserved.

Those who possess a substantial amount of assets need specific attention to make sure that each partner is receiving a fair amount. We also recognize that those who have a career to protect need their divorce to be discreet. Simonetti & Associates understands the unique needs of a high asset divorce and will provide you with innovative solutions to protect your best interest.

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