Holiday Stress and Divorce Rates

Divorce is never an easy situation for anyone during any time of the year. Nothing can hurt more than seeing all that time invested in a person go to waste because you realize they are no longer the someone you once knew. The emptiness is more pronounced when the holiday comes around. Holidays, in general, can be stressful as they require more time and energy, and if you are considering or have recently been through a divorce, this stress can be magnified to unbearable proportions.  

During the month of January, divorce rates increase and it becomes the busiest month for divorce lawyers across the country. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is because some choose to postpone their plans until after the holiday or because some want to see if spending one last holiday together can make a difference in their marriage and use the celebrations as a last-ditch effort. Couples decide to file a divorce in January because dropping the big “D” word could make for an even more stressful holiday season.

Couples also delay the divorce process until after the holidays due to financial concerns. December 31st marks the day when marital statuses determine whether you will file a joint or an individual return for the year before. Searching for the proper lawyer can help you be reassured that you are doing things properly. Simonetti & Associates in Nassau County can help you answer questions you may need to know about divorce.

How can we limit the stress of both upcoming holidays and divorce? One suggestion would be to simplify your traditions. A first recommendation is to keep doing what you enjoy doing. If your tradition or activity needs to be modified, there’s nothing wrong with altering something and making it into a tradition the following year. Let others help you because wanting to be alone can possibly harm you mentally as your mind will wander and focus only on what you miss. Never forget to take care of your health. Sleep and eating habits should be kept on a schedule and everything should require a balance. Be grateful for everything you do have as it is easy to lose sight of the positives when we are stuck in a hard position.

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