What to Expect When Visiting a Divorce Lawyer for the First Time

Divorce is a difficult process and many people are not prepared when presented with the possibility of divorce and the potential need for a divorce attorney. The decision process in regards to divorce can be overwhelming and the legal twists and turns can add more stress to an already stressful situation. The divorce attorneys at Simonetti & Associates are experts in all aspects of the divorce process and can help ease your anxiety about a process that can be complex and confusing.

The first step to the divorce process is meeting with a lawyer. You may be feeling hurt, lost, angry, or fearful, and conflict at home or with your children can lead to anxiety or depression. While divorce attorneys are not therapists, no client ever comes to a divorce lawyer in a good mood, and he or she will show compassion and understanding of your situation. A divorce lawyer will also do their best to explain difficult legal proceedings in a clear and everyman-like manner, and you should make sure you understand everything and ask questions if you are confused about anything.

The first meeting with a divorce lawyer is somewhat dependent on the nature of the divorce. In all cases, however, it is the attorney’s job to compile all net worth, income, and expense information. When you first arrive at the attorney’s office, you will most likely be the only client in the waiting room as it is the job of a lawyer to ensure your confidentiality.

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Your attorney will provide you with an overview of what to anticipate relating to the following five issues: (1) the divorce process, (2) any children considered minors within the family, (3) division of your assets and liabilities, (4) child and spousal support, and (5) attorney fees and costs. He or she will ask many questions relating to these issues in order to get the most information possible relating to your case. Do not be afraid to tell the truth as anything you say can not, and will not, be repeated unless you grant explicit permission.

After your divorce attorney has gathered the necessary information for your case, he or she will present to you a game plan based on his professional experience in both the courtroom or during any negotiations.

The next step in the process involves you deciding on whether you want another opinion or want to go forward with the process, but either way, you should have a more clear picture on how your divorce case will play out.

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