January Is National Divorce Month

Did you know January is National Divorce Month? The divorce rates have peaked so high in the past few years that it actually has it’s own month. It seems that as the cold weather rolls in during the month of early January, so does the cold shoulder exchange between spouses.

As the holidays come to an end, evidently so does the good food, parties, and music that fills the air and lifts the spirits of those in the holiday mood. Many people seem to be looking for a fresh new start with the advent of a new calendar year and see January as the perfect month to begin this process. Simonetti & Associates have over 28 years of experience to get you through this process and help guide you into a smooth transition.

The divorce process usually brings along anxiety as it is a change in lifestyle as both parties will be going from surviving on a two-person income to just one income. Of course, there are emotional changes that clients undergo as well as financially as they will often battle between one another for assets. Simonetti & Associates will sit down with their client for a cost-free and no obligation consultation and listen to concerns while discussing all possible options before following through with the process.

Simonetti & Associates value communication as they want the client to transition into this process as smooth as possible. The office provides flexible hours to ensure an attorney is available to their clients at all times. Located in Woodbury, Long Island, Simonetti & Associates understands that the cost to afford a divorce representative can be expensive as well the loss of assets in a divorce if your spouse claims a large majority of shares and investments.

Simonetti & Associates will work with clients to keep costs down and go into trial with the best amount of information available in order to result in the least amount of loss in equity. They are available to their clients as they are compassionate and understanding during this tough time in not only the year but in their clients’ lives.

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