New Year, New You. Is It Time to Pull the Plug? – Divorce Lawyer in Northport

Each year you make plenty of new year’s resolutions that you may (or may not) keep, which usually include something along the lines of exercising more, eating better, and saving money. Why do we set these types of goals? The greatest wish we have for ourselves during the new year is to improve our lifestyles and live life to the fullest. You’ve heard it before: “a new year and a new you”. To become that “new you”, however, requires moving on from bad choices and planning to make better decisions in your life. Maybe that new and improved you can only be achieved by moving on from a bad relationship. How do you know when to pull the plug on your marriage?

You are not alone in thinking the new year might be better off spent alone. January is unofficially known as “divorce month” by many legal professionals. Certain things, such as infidelity, constant fighting, or abusive behavior, are signs that a relationship is over, but there may also be some not so obvious signs that your marriage isn’t working. Here are are some signs you should recognize that might tell you your marriage is over.

Are you noticing that you and your partner have already separated yourselves? Are you not communicating with each other? A relationship coming to an end often creates a disconnect between partners. If you are not spending any time together, and actually find relief having many hours apart, this may be the first sign that the relationship is nearing the end.

Mutual respect is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and if it is not there, there is no relationships. If you feel like your partner dismisses you, condescends to you, or rejects all your ideas or wishes, these are signs of an unhealthy relationship. Your relationship is likely to become toxic if your marriage is void of respect. If you feel your marriage and relationship with your spouse has gotten to this point, it either has to be fixed immediately or needs to come to an end.

Your marriage should consist of teamwork and problems can arise if there is no compromise. Your spouse should try to meet your needs as well as their own and it may put an end to things if your needs or wishes are not being met because your partner cannot share in these responsibilities. Not being willing to compromise is especially concerning when trying to repair the damage of a broken relationship. If only one partner is doing all the work trying to mend the problems you share, it may be time to ditch the efforts and pull the plug on your marriage.

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