Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Locust Valley Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, determining if it is time for a divorce is an extremely hard decision. Whether it is due to the years spent together, family ties, or assets, divorces are difficult and chaotic. Although the decision to end things with your significant other may have seemed like the hardest part of the divorce, it’s not! Every divorce case is different and the law is very complicated. The right Locust Valley Divorce Lawyer will find the best way to manage the process. Divorce is not an easy case on your own; it is essential to be represented by an experienced divorce lawyer.

Divorce is a complicated and confusing process as it involves an individual making decisions that will affect the rest of their life all while potentially being emotionally distraught. There are several reasons to hire a divorce lawyer in order to make this process as simple as possible.

  • They are extremely familiar with matrimonial law. When in front of the judge, you must be ready to present all the proper documents in a professional manner.
  • They offer expert advice when you need it most. Between the emotion involved in this process and the depths of the law, advice, and options is key!
  • Paperwork is a large portion of the divorce process and the court relies heavily on the documents. Having your lawyer take the complex and tedious paperwork off your hands lets you focus on yourself.
  • Stress and emotion often lead to irrational decision-making. A lawyer can guide you through divorce making sure your decisions are beneficial to your future!

If you are located in Locust Valley or close-by in Nassau County, Simonetti & Associates wants to make your divorce process a breeze. Simonetti & Associates has years of experience representing some of the most complicated divorce cases on Long Island. After years worth of cases, our divorce lawyers are extremely knowledgeable and willing to offer their clients a number of options throughout the process. We offer you the best advice possible and encourage our clients to pursue the most beneficial avenues. Our years of great representation have rewarded us with winning The Bethpage Best of LI “Best Divorce Lawyer”.