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Shared Custody and Divorce

Going through a divorce is always an incredibly difficult experience for both parties and can be even more stressful when children are involved. The decision on the future of the child’s upbringing is paramount for any parent as the child’s best interests naturally headline the divorce. Determining custody over the child can often further complicate and prolong the entire legal process. When it is deemed acceptable, both parents typically have two options when it comes to establishing shared custody of their child.

Not to be confused with Joint Custody, Shared Custody allows the separated parents to raise their child with just about equal influence. In this case, each parent will share both physical and legal custody over the child and will have complete control over their upbringing without any interference from the court, unless needed. Shared Custody focuses on the child’s even exposure to each parent rather than the court distributing rigid guidelines and responsibilities. While this method looks like the best possible scenario for the child, it takes a large amount of cooperation from both parents to achieve. Communication and teamwork are essential and can always be enhanced by sitting down with a mediator or a professional who can devise the best possible parenting plan.

Collaboration with your separated partner is not always possible, however. Thankfully, there are lawyers who specialize in the areas of divorce that are available to fight for your custodial rights. At Simonetti and Associates, our expert team is on hand to represent you throughout these troubling times. Recently voted Best Divorce Lawyer of Long Island for 2017 (making that 4 years in a row), our firm knows exactly what it takes to settle custody cases with the utmost care. If you’re in need of legal advice during your divorce, feel free to contact our Woodbury, New York office for a free consultation today.