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The emotional challenges of divorce on children:

When a couple goes through a divorce, children are the ones that are the most affected by this. They are the ones that get the least amount of attention during this time. Children can go into a traumatic state from their parents getting a divorce, and if the divorce is really bad, it can make it feel even worse for the children. If you are looking to get a divorce, and want the divorce process to go smoothly, contact Simonetti & Associates, the best divorce lawyer on Long Island. Simonetti & Associates will make sure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.


The challenges of remarriage for children

Remarriage can have positive effects but it all depends on how children react. There are also many challenges that occur, with the new remarriage. If you are going through a divorce, contact Simonetti & Associates the best divorce lawyer on Long Island. Simonetti & Associates have many years of experience with divorces and we will reassure you that the divorce process will run smoothly.  

Some common concerns you may have for children include:

    1. Loss. As their parents decide to remarry children will most likely think of their original family, and the life they lived before this.  Now they have to come to the realization that their parents aren’t unlikely to reunite, this creates a feeling of loss.
    2. Change. As children have to move from one home to another, they will have to adapt to changes in the way that the family operates. Routines may need to be changed as well as family roles. Also, with more people in the house, there may be issues privacy.
    3. The way the child feels. Many children feel that if they show love toward the stepparent they will be disowning the other parent. Some children worry that if their parent gets remarried, they will lose the attention, and love of their father or mother.


Some ways to make the newly formed family a happy and successful one

Getting remarried is definitely not an easy task. There are many challenges during the process of getting remarried.You are going to have to work through baggage in addition to avoiding conflict. The best gift a couple could give their children is a strong marriage.


Some tips that help a stepfamily work better together

  • Focus on individual relationships
  • Provide emotional support for your children because of this a major transition 
  • Try to keep things fun
  • Seek mental health services for children or yourself as needed
  • Get involved in sports-related activities as a family
  • Speak of the other parents with genuine respect

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