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Massapequa Divorce Attorney

Massapequa Divorce rates have been plummeting in the past 3 decades with New York having some of the lowest rates of divorce in the nation, so are we on the course to completely eradicating the practice of divorce as a whole? The concept of divorce has been around since before the United States were even founded or if you really want to turn back the clock it was present even when the Old Testament was written. The concept of alimony is even older than the United States and goes back as far as the Code of Hammurabi.

To assume that such an ancient practice nested in the very mooring of civilization itself will in entirety vanish is being optimistic to a fault. While reducing the rate of divorce is something evidently possible, as we have seen in the past few decades, we cannot expect an end to it. In the 70s and 80s divorce was between an astounding 33%-50% rate of divorce in the United States, which has since dropped down to between 9%-14%.

While we have advanced socially, the risks of divorce are as present. While they are wrong to assume the divorce crisis is ongoing, we should not rule out the possibility of divorce. If you live near Massapequa Park, New York and are ready to take the next step in your life, see how  Simonetti and Associates can help you!

For expert mediation and representation in divorce disputes near Massapequa , New York, Simonetti and Associates has over 28 years of experience in handling divorce cases. Simonetti and Associates offers free legal consultation if you are unsure about which action to take about an impending divorce dispute.