Child Custody Modification Attorney near Dix Hills

Child Custody Modification in Dix Hills

The most difficult task in divorce is assigning parental custody to children. Within this already difficult decision there is the potential for regret and desire for revision of divorce agreements, for this reason courts may allow for a modification to the agreed terms of child custody. Whether a parent wishes to change their visitation schedule or outright swap custody it can be done through this modification.

Requesting a modification to a child custody agreement in Dix Hills requires good reasoning. Among the most common causes for transfer of custody is the child or parent in current custody of the child experience significant changes in disposition toward one another. If a child and custodial parent cannot get along for whatever reason this can be used to receive a modification on a child custody agreement. A change in place of residence can be used to swap custody between parents if a child is unwilling to move to a location with the parent who has legal custody then the other parent can receive a child custody modification.  Although more severe, if a child has been neglected or abandoned by a parent with legal custody a modification may be made to give custody other to the other parent. For some cases involving abuse a modification to child custody may be mandated by court.

Negotiating a modification to a child custody agreement can be more difficult than settling on an agreement to begin with. You will need sound arguments and strong representation to receive the terms of child custody that you desire. On Long Island, Simonetti and Associates has been voted the best divorce lawyers for three consecutive years, the firm itself has been in operation for over 28 years and houses some of the most experienced attorneys near Dix Hills. If you are hoping for a divorce modification to go in your favor you will need the best. Contact Simonetti and Associates via phone or form on their website to receive a free consultation.