Navigating Parenting in High Conflict Divorces

Navigating Parenting in High Conflict Divorces


When a divorce is finalized between two individuals who are prone to conflict, it can be stressful as well as challenging to themselves and those who surround them. If they have children, it can make it even more difficult to agree and work on a co-parenting relationship. It is important to not let the children stay in the middle of the conflict and be surrounded by any negative actions between the parents. Our best divorce attorney on Long Island, Simonetti & Associates, wants to help those in high conflict divorces and guide them through healthy co-parenting.

The Checklist

        When trying to figure out how to co-parent efficiently in a high-conflict divorce, ideas and plans may collide, causing greater conflicts.  Our best divorce attorney on Long Island has compiled a list of advice to help manage co-parenting in these stressful situations.

  •      Have a clear and set schedule.  Having a set schedule that both parents agree on, makes it more efficient for both the parents and children.  Know when visits are to be made and by who to create less conflict.
  •      Know the financial responsibilities that come along with divorce. Finances are stressful in itself, therefore, it is essential that parents decide how they will pay for things that are not covered by child support to reduce conflict.
  •      Keep your personal lives to yourself.  Parents should set emotional boundaries when it comes to discussing things with their co-parent.  The only topics to be discussed are regarding your children and nothing more.
  •      Talk to someone.  Going through a divorce with a high conflict partner is not something that will pass in an instant.  While you have set emotional boundaries between each other, talk to someone to discuss those emotions you are feeling, do not let them build up.  

Our team of best divorce attorneys on Long Island care for our clients during this difficult time.  We have created this list to help alleviate the stress and emotions one can go through during a difficult separation. It is important to maintain a healthy environment and home for the children impacted by divorce.