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Oyster Bay Prenup Attorney

While many people in Oyster Bay do not believe that their marriage will end in divorce, it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. A prenup, often neglected, is the smart thing to get whether you are thinking about divorce or not.

Located in Woodbury, New York, Simonetti & Associates Law Firm is a trustworthy divorce law firm that provides you with the knowledge and expertise in drafting a fair and equitable prenuptial agreement.

In the long run, a prenup is always safe, even for the less financially stable partner it has its benefits. Not only is a prenup used in a divorce, it can also be part of estate planning.

Here are some reasons why you should get a prenup:

  •   Spousal support – when you give financial support to your partner. Despite potentially taking half of your money, your partner still has the right to demand alimony. This can still happen even if you do not have kids, which means you may be obligated to give monthly payment to your ex.
  •   If your partner is in debt, this may save you from being responsible for those debts that you were not part of.
  •   Limited financial battles during the divorce process. A prenup ensures a quick process. You will likely not have to spend months battling with your ex in a courtroom. Another benefit is that the divorce will be less stressful which you’ll need during this tough time.
  •   Equal distribution– This means that both parties are getting exactly what was deserved
  •   For the less financially stable partner, a prenup will ensure that you also will be protected.
  •   If you are considering remarriage, a prenup will ensure you enter the new marriage with the assets you should have

A prenup is an effective way to protect yourself and your spouse if you get a divorce. In the Oyster Bay area, Simonetti & Associates Law Firm is the best law firm to turn to for questions and support. With over 29 years experience, they’re the ones to trust when going through a divorce.