Huntington, New York Divorce

Ready for a divorce in Huntington, New York? Here is how to get started.

Divorces can be emotionally and physically draining on yourself and other family members.  That is why the process should be made as smooth as possible to relieve some stress. With the help of an experienced attorney conveniently located near Huntington, New York, your divorce will be made vastly easier.

Simonetti & Associates has been voted best divorce attorney on Long Island for three years in a row (2014-2016). Located in Woodbury, New York which is conveniently located near both Nassau and Suffolk County, Simonetti & Associates understand frequent contact with your attorney is emotionally important.  A lawyer with Simonetti & Associates will be available to talk to clients at any time. The lawyers also provide phone calls after hours and free consultations.

Divorce can be a complicated process but Simonetti & Associates can get you started with your divorce by offering free consultations. To start a divorce, you will need to buy an index number at the county clerk and file a summons with notice or a summons and verified complaint. These summons identify the reasons for divorce. Next, you will need to have a third party, aged 18 years or older, serve your spouse with these summon papers. Next steps include filing fees, completing and serving papers, scheduling your case.

The only place you are able to get a divorce in New York State is in the New York State Supreme Court by a Supreme Court Judge. If you want a divorce it’s recommended you go to the Supreme Court in the county near you. Although family courts cannot get you a divorce, family courts can regulate child support and custody, spousal support, as well as  paternity.

If you live in the Huntington, New York area and are ready for a divorce and need representation during any stage of the divorce process, Simonetti & Associates is the proven best choice for you. Simonetti & Associates are eager to help you and demonstrated that by being the top choice for divorce attorneys on Long Island for three years running. Simonetti & Associates Law Firm can be best reached online at or phone call at 877-385-2560.