Alimony Payments near Huntington, New York

Have you unjustly stopped receiving alimony payments? Here is what you should do.

Divorce is never an easy thing and there are many headaches associated with the process. One issue that can be stressful is alimony payments. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of an alimony payment ruling, following protocol is important. Sometimes alimony payments are unjustly discontinued, leaving the former spouse in a difficult situation. Although legally you deserve your alimony payments, maintaining compliance can be troublesome.

Whether you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, New York there are many avenues you can take if you unjustly stop receiving alimony payments. One of the first things you should do is hire an attorney to take action with the courts. An attorney will be able to navigate through the proper channels in order to garner the necessary action needed to get your alimony pay. It is important to consult with an attorney because you will need to file a motion for enforcement or a motion for contempt. Coupled with a skilled attorney, these motions will order the former spouse to reimburse the missed payments as well as continue to make payments into the future.  After the legal paperwork has been filed there are many options that the court can choose from to make sure the payments are being made. The court can enforce these income payments through several routes including a wage garnishment. The alimony payment would be taken out of the paycheck of the former spouse if the spouse continues to not be compliant . A judge may also order that a portion of the former spouse’s bank accounts and assets of such nature be allocated to the former spouse. In addition attorney fees and all legal fees may become the responsibility of the resistant party.

Not receiving your court ordered alimony payments is something that you should not be reluctant to act on. If the court decided that you should be entitled to these payments then you have every right to seek out the necessary help to receive them and hiring the right counsel to help you do so is always the the most advantageous option.