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Best Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

How can I avoid going through a hostile divorce?

Divorce is never an easy time. It can put a strain on all parties involved. Relations between you and your soon-to-be-ex can start to become hostile and lead to a more difficult and messy situation. If you have any questions or need guidance through your divorce, we recommend speaking with a divorce...
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Divorce lawyer in Huntington

How Technology can Help You Co-Parent – Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

Deciding to is not an easy decision and it is especially difficult when children are involved. Once the divorce is final, having to learn how to co-parent is a new and challenging experience. One way that co-parenting can be made easier is through technology. At Simonetti & Associates, our divor...
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Divorce lawyer in Suffolk County

Who Pays the Bills in a Divorce – Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

Divorces often become complicated when dealing with the financial aspect of it. Common questions include, “Who gets what?”, “Who pays for what?”, and “Who pays off payments or debts?”. These questions, along with the many others, are all very important when filing for divorce. Often time...
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Custody In The Best Interest Of The Child – Divorce lawyer in Commack

Going through a divorce is already a difficult thing, but when there are children involved it is even more difficult. As parents, you do not want this to affect your children in a negative way, that is why it is important to fully understand the types of child custody that will best satisfy your fam...
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