Custody In The Best Interest Of The Child – Divorce lawyer in Commack

Going through a divorce is already a difficult thing, but when there are children involved it is even more difficult. As parents, you do not want this to affect your children in a negative way, that is why it is important to fully understand the types of child custody that will best satisfy your family.  Our divorce lawyer in Huntington, here at Simonetti & Associates, can help you through this process.

Types of Child Custody

During a divorce, it can be difficult to decide on an agreement on the custodial arrangement for your child. When discussing custody, there are two parts which are legal custody and physical custody.

  •      Joint legal custody. This is when the parents have to discuss and agree on all major decisions regarding the child. This includes medical, religion, school, and extracurricular activities decisions.
  •      Sole legal custody. This gives only one parent the authority to make decisions regarding the child.
  •      Joint physical custody. This means that the custody of the child is split evenly between the two parents.  Depending on who the child is present with, that parent has the decision-making authority for the child.
  •      Sole physical custody. This refers to when only one parent has physical custody of the child with the other parent having limited or no time with the child.

Our divorce lawyer in Huntington can help with deciding which type of child custody would best suit your certain incident.  These decisions are made based on the best interest of the child and by evaluating several factors. Some of these factors include stability, evidence of drugs or alcohol, physical and mental health of the parent.   

We understand how difficult this can be for you and your family, that is why you should consider consulting with our divorce lawyer in Huntington for quality legal representation. For more information, contact us today!