4 Things to Consider When Entering a Divorce

4 Things to Consider When Entering a Divorce

Divorce is always a stressful time for anyone but the reason it feels so complicated is because of a lack of understanding about how it works. Simonetti and Associates are here to make this process easier for you. With over 29 years of experience helping New York residents entering a complex divorce; Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Huntington, NY are here for you. Here are a four things to consider when in going through a divorce:

No Fault Divorce
You no longer need to have grounds to get divorced in New York. You can simply state that the marriage has irretrievably broken down for six months or more. This is New York’s version of a “no fault divorce.” Before your no fault divorce can be granted, you and your spouse must resolve all the other issues related to your divorce.

Uncontested Divorce
An uncontested divorce consists of both partners agreeing in resolving their issues related to the dissolution of marriage. Being able to negotiate these terms will allow for a simpler process. Once the agreement is settled, the parties only need to finalize the agreement in court.

Though courts can modify alimony amounts, that usually requires you to show that your circumstances have changed dramatically. The best way to arrive at a fair support number is to get it the first time around. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on your spouse’s willingness to sign a formal document setting forth a new agreement.

Divorce Settlement
Once child support and alimony is settled, you should consider looking for less obvious things to be included in your settlement. Birthday parties, clothes, school supplies and other non-essentials not covered by child support should be included. Also consider medical costs not covered by insurance and college costs.

If you have any questions on what else will happen during the divorce and how to resolve issues visit Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Huntington, NY are available for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.