Tips For Co-Parenting In Quarantine

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of our daily and weekly routines have been forced to change for the foreseeable future. While we all will have some difficulties adjusting to this, divorced parents who share custody of their children may find it to be especially problematic. At Simonetti and Associates, our team wants to do their part and try to help. Our divorce attorney in Nassau County would like to share some beneficial tips on how to co-parent during the quarantine.

Be As Flexible As Possible

Parents who share custody of their children must follow the court-ordered arrangement exactly or else they face legal repercussions. However, if you and your ex-spouse are on good terms, discussing the ability to be flexible during quarantine is important. If your ex-spouse will still not be accommodating after civil discussion, our divorce attorney in Nassau County will work to get the custody order changed.

Follow CDC Guidelines

You and your spouse must go over how both of you are adhering to CDC guidelines during the quarantine. Keeping your children and each other safe should be your top priority, no matter how much bad blood there is between the two of you. Be sure to do the following:

  • Discuss if either of you has displayed symptoms of COVID-19
  • Implement sanitizing procedures to disinfect surfaces in your home
  • Encourage your children to wash their hands often

Additional Tips From Our Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

Co-parenting in quarantine is uncharted territory for all those involved. Many things can be done to make lives easier for all those involved. Additional tips our divorce attorney recommends include:

  • Understanding the situation is just as difficult for your ex-spouse as it is for you
  • Try to not sweat the small issues in your relationship
  • Over-communicate
  • Get any new agreements you come to in writing

Contact Our Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

After working hard to achieve a favorable custody outcome, seeing the pandemic change everything can be difficult. However, right now you should be focused on doing what’s best for your children and their health. Co-parenting can be difficult under normal circumstances, and our divorce attorney in Nassau County wants to help get you through these trying times. For more helpful tips, contact us today!

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