Tips to Consider When Thinking About Divorce

Divorce can be suggested by one partner or agreed upon by two. Regardless, when the decision is made, taking steps to safeguard your future is important.

Our firm has decades of experience in Nassau County and New York helping clients get the best start on a new phase in life. Getting a good start means being smart. Consider these tips when divorce is on the horizon:

  • Carefully review your budget to understand your real financial condition. Can you afford your current style of living when one partner moves out?  If you are not acquainted with your monthly bills, now is the time to understand how much money is needed to pay utilities, mortgage or rent, credit cards, insurance and other expenses.

  • Do you have children?  Divorce, no matter how well managed, is a difficult time in the life of any child.  Be sure you do not speak poorly of your spouse, nor involve your children in relationship and divorce discussions that you have with your partner or friends.

  • Speak with an experienced divorce attorney. Regardless of how you plan to handle your divorce, it is essential that you understand New York law and what you can expect throughout the divorce process. Choose an experienced, affordable attorney. A reputable attorney can help you navigate divorce and has the skill to help you move through obstacles as they arise.

  • Take care of yourself. Understand you are moving into an unstable but very important time of your life. Talk to good friends and family — and get counseling when needed.

Divorce is a necessary legal ending that precedes your new beginning in Long Island. Seek skilled family law attorneys to help you get there, like the winners of Long Island’s Best Divorce Lawyers at Simonetti & Associates.