Tips for Winning Your Child Custody Case in New York


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What Are Some Things You Need To Do In Order To Win Custody


  • Show a willingness to work with your ex. Some parents have actually lost child custody because of their demonstrated unwillingness to collaborate with the other parent.
  • Exercise your parental rights. If you’ve been granted visitation rights, take advantage of it. Spend as much time as possible with your children and do everyday things including homework and chores with them.
  • Request an in-home custody evaluation. This can be very helpful, especially if you are concerned about your ex-trying to present a negative impression of your home life.
  • Be aware that perception is everything. Do everything you can to present yourself to the court as a competent, involved, loving parent. This includes arriving on time, dressing for court, and demonstrating proper courtroom etiquette.
  • Prepare documentation. In situations where you honestly believe your children would be unsafe with the other parent, you should carefully document your interactions with your ex, as well as his or her interactions with your children.


What Are Some Things You Should Not Do In Order To Win Custody in Woodbury


  • Don’t talk about your ex negatively to your kids. Keep your opinions and feelings about your ex to yourself.
  • Don’t make a habit of rescheduling with your kids. Repeatedly rescheduling could maker it appears to the court that you’re just filing for custody out of spite.
  • Don’t refuse to do anything the court is asking you. You must show the court how committed you are to getting custody of your children.
  • Don’t involve your children in the court case. Let your kids be kids right now and don’t place the burden of adult issues on their shoulders.


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