High Asset Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

Going through a divorce can make for a stressful time in anyone’s life. The processes of drawing up the terms of a child support agreement and dividing up assets often lead to particularly high levels of frustration amongst the divorcing parties. The unfortunate reality is that these processes tend to be all the more complex and frustrating if the parties are going through a high asset divorce. But worry not–we at Simonetti & Associates are here to assist any high net worth soon-to-be-divorced couple living in Nassau County through every step of the process. If you are looking for a High Asset Divorce Attorney in Nassau County, let Simonetti & Associates help you!

In any divorce that involves one or more children, the first priority of the separating parents should be their well-being. When determining the amounts to be paid in child support, the court aims for the children to retain their standard of living by considering a number of factors, which include the children’s specific needs, and their primary caregiver. The most important of these factors as far as high asset divorces are concerned is the combined income of the parents. Any divorce in which the combined income of the separating parties totals more than $143,000 is considered a high asset divorce. In that case, the court can decide whether or not to follow the standard payment percentage guidelines. It is important for both parties to remain completely open with each other about their income and individual needs when payment is being calculated so that it can be done fairly.

Finalizing a high asset divorce in Nassau County, particularly for one-time spouses who were also one-time business partners, can be a challenge when it comes to dividing assets, In the same way that each party must be honest about their income when calculating child support payments, they must be equally honest when it comes to their contribution to a shared business. The process of evaluating how much of a jointly owned business, or any joint holding for that matter, each party is entitled to tend to take longer in a high asset divorce than any other. Be honest about all of your assets, and you will make it through as quickly as possible.

Our years of experience serving the couples of Nassau County going through a high asset divorce have taught us what a long and frustrating process it can be. But, we have also learned how to get people through it successfully, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today for your free consultation.