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How Technology Can Help You Co-Parent

Deciding to get a divorce with a divorce lawyer in Huntington is not an easy decision and it is especially difficult when children are involved. One challenge to consider is learning how to co-parent which can cause strain between your relationship with your children. We want to help you learn how to manage co-parenting, and one way that it can be made easier is through technology.


At Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Huntington, we can help show you how co-parenting can be made easier. The first step to co-parenting is understanding what a healthy environment for children looks like with co-parenting:

Security – children adjust more quickly when they feel confident about the love of both parents
Consistency – parents both have similar rules in both households so children know what to expect
Setting a healthy example – showing that you are cooperating with the other parent

How Technology Can Help You Co-Parent

Technology has made our lives much easier, one of these ways is through communication. This can help divorced parents and deal with co-parenting. At Simonetti & Associates, our divorce lawyer in Huntington can help you solve any co-parenting issues that you may be having.

This easy access to technology can help when co-parenting issues may arise, like one parent needing help from the other. In addition to being able to communicate at almost any time, it can also help parents who work full time. If you have to watch your children at home, the option of being able to work from home is as easy as ever. You can still put in a productive workday while still being able to be around and watch your children.

How To Utilize Video Chatting


Video chats can also be a great way to keep in contact with your children when they are not with you. These also have the benefit of feeling more personal and interactive than a phone call or text message might. Applications like Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are all great ways to keep in touch with your child. Also, many smartphones have video calls available on them so even when on the go you can have a face to face conversation with your children.

More Benefits of Technology Devices

Technology has also made it easier to minimize miscommunication among divorced parents with children. Making sure who has the kids and who is picking them up or dropping them off is very simple with technology. Being able to simply text or call to make sure that communication is clear or even sharing a schedule online can limit any potential issues. This also keeps the children from being the messengers in the relationship. The most important thing is the wellbeing of the children and putting them in positions where they have to convey messages between parents puts them in a position of conflict and can have negative consequences.


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Our divorce lawyer in Huntington at Simonetti & Associates can help you with potential co-parenting issues. Our expert divorce lawyer can solve issues that you are having with your ex-spouse, whether it is child custody or visitation rights, our team will work to make sure that you get the best possible outcome for you. Contact us today to set up a free consultation. 

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