What is Conscious Uncoupling?

For all parties involved, divorce can be a very traumatic and difficult. When examining a divorce, it is clear in most cases that only time will heal the pain. There is now a new term that is more powerful and positive, called conscious uncoupling.

It is known that approximately 50% of marriages end up in divorce, and it typically leaves both parties damaged and sometimes extremely angry. The question that has been brought up is, what if the divorce is not the problem? The idea of conscious uncoupling is challenging society’s perception of divorce, and possibly providing a solution to the suffering.

To put into simple terms, conscious uncoupling is when a couple is able to recognize their irreconcilable differences by looking into themselves rather than their partner. This allows each person to reach peace, and begin to heal within themselves rather than attacking each other for their differences. Uncoupling is known as keeping mutual respect between each other and the children that are involved. Although this is a very necessary step for conscious uncoupling, the idea of self-reflection must be the foundation of the process.

Every argument and irritation in a relationship is an opportunity for us to look inside ourselves and identify the negative internal object that is in need of healing. This will allow the couple to find the real issue within themselves, rather than what is actually happening. From this perspective, there is no bad guy, just two people who are partners in the spiritual process.

Conscious uncoupling has the ability to prevent families from being broken by divorce. It creates extended families that continue to function in a way that is healthy when it is not involving traditional marriage.

If you are going through a divorce on Long Island and looking for a healthier alternative, Simonetti & Associates can help. Conscious uncoupling may be the right mindset for you! Contact us to learn more and begin your healing process.