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What Should You Not Do During A Divorce?

At Simonetti & Associates, our team knows how difficult going through a divorce can be. That is why our divorce lawyer in Southampton does everything in their power to make the process as simple as possible. Sometimes, this involves coaching clients on what not to do during a divorce. Making certain decisions can often hurt your chances of the court ruling in your favor on different aspects, which is why we highly recommend you take our advice regarding this matter.

Avoid Taking It Out On The Kids

When going through a divorce, both partners’ stress levels are likely to be at an all-time high. Trying to parent during this time can lead to some explosive situations. However, it would help if you did everything in your power to not take it out on your kids. Children will often tend to think divorce is their fault, and having parents lash out at them will severely hurt their emotional growth as they age. Additionally, if your spouse sees you taking your emotions out on your children, it can hurt your chances of a favorable custody agreement.  

Do Not Trash Talk Your Ex

Even if you think your spouse is the worst person on the planet, our divorce lawyer in Southampton recommends avoiding trash-talking about them until after the divorce has been completed. This is because anything you say during the process can be taken into the courtroom and can affect the judge’s decision on specific issues. That means you must avoid negative talk with all of the following:

  • Friends.
  • Family.
  • On Social Media

Other Things To Avoid  

Going through a divorce does not always have to be a complicated process. When both parties realize divorce is their best option, the process can be relatively simple. However, when one or both spouses fail to abide by certain things, significant complications can occur. In addition to what was already mentioned, our divorce lawyer in Southampton also recommends avoiding the below to prevent complications:

  • Getting pregnant.
  • Forgetting to change your will.
  • Waiting until after the holidays have passed.
  • Increasing your debts.

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After serving the Long Island Community for many years, our team at Simonetti & Associates has a firm grasp on the common pitfalls divorces come with. To have the best chance at avoiding them, contact our divorce lawyer in Southampton to schedule a consultation today.

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