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When Do I Bring Up The Divorce To My Spouse? – Divorce Lawyer in Westbury

When Do I Bring Up The Divorce To My Spouse?

No question ending a relationship can be difficult. Moreso, ending a marriage can be even harder. No one wants to believe from the moment you say “I do” your story will end up with separation, but for some, this is a true tale. If you have been questioning your happiness in your marriage, imagining what your life would be like without your significant other, and have made a sincere and thoughtful decision, it is time to think about when to bring up the tricky topic of divorce. When exactly you tell your partner, can shape how the separation unfolds. Luckily, Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Westbury, can support you through these tough times.

There are several things to consider when bringing up the topic of divorce if you want a civil legal battle. There is no right way to initiate the conversation, but there are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Timing – You do not want to blurt out, “I want a divorce!” in the middle of an argument. Timing is everything. You need to make sure both you and your spouse are emotionally available and calm. This conversation should not be discussed in the midst of a major stressful life event. With both you and your partner having a clear mind, the best decisions will be made civilly.
  2. Location – This conversation will be emotional and intense for you and your spouse. It needs to take place in a private, quiet spot. You should wait until the ideal space is available without any distractions. Both of you will want to wait until the house is empty, without children in the room over.
  3. Availability – Most likely this conversation will be lengthy. Choose a situation where both you and your spouse will have a decent amount of uninterrupted time. Although this will not be the sole discussion of divorce, the first conversation can take time to work through both partners’ feelings.

For more suggestions, get in touch with your divorce lawyer in Westbury.

Divorce Lawyer in Westbury

These propositions might sound simple, but if it is you who wants a divorce, your mind can be clouded with many other concerns. It is essential to step back and plan out when to discuss this topic with your spouse. Remember, you are not alone in this process. Contact your divorce lawyer in Westbury for professional assistance through this tough time in your life.