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Attorney-Client Privilege – Divorce Lawyer in Huntington

A commonly used term in most cases of divorce is the attorney-client privilege or the idea that certain communication between an attorney and their client will always remain in secrecy. This privilege is often utilized in a situation where legal information needs to be extracted, such as the lawyer being demanded to testify under oath. Your divorce lawyer in Huntington can explain the details pertaining to this privilege and what it should mean for your case moving forward.

Understanding The “Privilege”

The confidentiality that is held in check by the privilege is considered sacred between both the attorney and the client. Because of this, attorney’s are unable to be forced or coerced into surrendering any pertinent information that pertains to the client. This can give the client a feeling of security with their attorney and will make them more obligated to share vital information with their lawyer. This privilege can be applied under the following circumstances:  

  • A current (or even potential) client begins to discuss legal advice with a lawyer.
  • The lawyer is operating as a professional (and not as a friend or acquaintance).
  • The client is intending to have the information be discussed privately and made this apparent to the attorney.
  • These privileges are covered by both written and oral communications stemming from the client.
  • This information cannot be relayed to anyone outside of the legal team without initially being given consent directly by the client.

Other Important Facts To Know

Even after the attorney and client have ended the partnership, confidentiality is still maintained under the protection of this privilege. Your divorce lawyer in Huntington wants you to feel comfortable knowing that your information is still kept under the wraps, free from any other outsiders. The client also has the option of forfeiting the privilege and allowing the information to be ascertained, should they choose to go this route. Naturally, the client has this right but the lawyer does not.

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