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Mistakes Made In High-Net Divorces – Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa

Divorce is much more than a breakup. There are multiple aspects to take into consideration when going through this process. Were assets shared? Who takes what? Are there children involved? Are there pets involved? The list of assets goes on endlessly, with multiple results being a possibility. Depending on the couple, this can be extremely easy or difficult. Making one mistake can lead to losing everything. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Massapequa, give a call to schedule an appointment and get advice on how to avoid these common mistakes.

Hiding Assets

People sometimes think there are ways to hide assets by either transferring money to a third party or anyone who has nothing to do with the divorce. These can be easily tracked down and if you are caught, you will lose your credibility in the divorce case and in the courtroom. Taking this risk is certainly not worth the potential backlash.

Failure to Plan or Consider Taxes

Tax considerations are crucial in high-net divorces. Taxes can be added to any alimony or asset, and sometimes couples will agree on these decisions without considering the taxes that can be added on.

Listening to Others Opinions

Every divorce is different and it’s irresponsible to compare your situation to a friend or even another family member. There’s different lawyers, judges, and circumstances in all divorce cases. These people can guide you through the process, but do not make comparisons because it was only lead to frustration and confusion.

Allowing Emotions to Takeover

Revenge is not a good motive during a divorce. It may sound like a good idea and might make you feel better while it’s happening, but if the assets are shared it’s your money too. Also in general, it’s not good to show angry or sad emotions during the process and in the courtroom. It’s best to allow your attorney or lawyer to help you deal with these emotions beforehand so you can have a clear mindset of how to handle your situation the right way.

Agreeing to Anything

People who can’t stand their spouse or are in a new relationship often times will agree to anything just to get away from their spouse as soon as possible. This is irresponsible because it can ruin you financially. This process usually takes longer than expected because of all the baggage that comes with it. Undergoing the process correctly is a wiser decision, as opposed to letting emotions make the choice for you.

Divorce Lawyer in Massapequa

It’s important to hire the right lawyer that is going to help you financially, mentally and emotionally during this extremely difficult and stressful process. At Simonetti & Associates, you can find this with our divorce lawyer in Massapequa. We want you to be as confident as possible in your lawyer and we hope we can make that happen for you.

If you are going through a divorce and are looking for a divorce lawyer in Massapequa, give us a call today to set up a consultation or appointment!