Can I Get Alimony While My Divorce Is Pending?

Deciding to break off a marriage is never easy. If ending a relationship with someone you thought you’d be with forever isn’t bad enough, it can hurt your finances as well. When your soon to be ex-spouse was the breadwinner in the relationship, you may be wondering how you can support yourself while the divorce is still pending. That is where our team at Simonetti & Associates comes into play. Our divorce lawyer in Riverhead can walk you through what options you have and work to keep you financially protected.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support, is a court-ordered amount of money that one ex-spouse has to pay to the other. If your ex-spouse brought in a majority of the income, our divorce lawyer in Riverhead could work towards securing an alimony amount that they will be required to pay you in the future. These payments are awarded to help keep ex-spouses financially protected while attempting to land on their feet following the divorce.

How Is Spousal Support Calculated

The next thing to understand when it comes to the financial aspects of divorce is how alimony and spousal support is calculated. Various factors go into this, but our divorce lawyer in Riverhead will work diligently to ensure that the payment amount is favorable. Examples of what goes into these calculations include:

  • Any marketable skills of the spouse seeking support
  • Income levels
  • Level of financial need
  • Length of the marriage
  • The ability of one spouse to pay the other

What If You Need Support Now?

While the court will decide whether you’ll receive alimony following the divorce, what happens if you need support before anything is finalized. Our divorce lawyer in Riverhead is here to tell you that there are options that can help. In some cases, courts will award spouses in this situation “temporary maintenance,” which is just payments while the divorce is still pending. If these legal proceedings put you in a rough spot financially, we’ll work to secure this “temporary maintenance” for you. 

Contact Our Divorce Lawyer In Riverhead

No one should need to feel as if they are going through a divorce alone. At Simonetti & Associates, our team promises to be there for you. Our divorce lawyer in Riverhead is well versed in handling these legal cases, and if necessary, will help you secure alimony payments even when the divorce is still pending. For more information on how this can be achieved, contact us today. 

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