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2018 Tax Code

Best divorce lawyer on Long Island

Law change about the divorce process and alimony – Divorce Attorney in Nassau County

A divorce is usually a lаѕt resort in a аttеmрt to fix a difficult marriage and rесtifу еmоtiоnаl diѕtrеѕѕ. Alimоnу wаѕ a vеrу common issue in thе divоrсе lаndѕсаре during thе раѕt few decades. The standard of living often changes for one individual more than anot...
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best divorce lawyer on Long Island

What does the 2018 tax code changes mean for your alimony? – Divorce lawyer in Northport

With the new 2018 tax code being in place there are some changes that will now take place in terms of alimony payments. At first, it might seem complex and hard to understand, however working with a great lawyer like the ones at Simonetti & Associates, voted best divorce lawyer on Long Island fo...
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