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How do I protect myself from a vengeful spouse?

How some divorces get hostile? Ending a long-term relationship is usually tough and sometimes it gets ugly despite the foremost courageous efforts for it to be otherwise. When this happens, this could cause one spouse to want to protect their own interests even if it’s at the expense of others.  ...
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How Do Separation Agreements Work?

Everyone is familiar with the couple who decides to live separately from their spouse before actually deciding if they want to file for divorce. But nowadays more and more people are deciding to remain separated, rather than get a divorce, even if they know there is no repairing their marriage. Our ...
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Embracing change during divorce

When going through the divorce process, embracing change rather than fearing it is your best option for making the process go easier. Recognizing that things in your life are going to change now and accepting that fact can help you in this process. It can also make the divorce a less complicated pro...
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Advice & Divorce

People give advice but it’s not always right for you Sometimes we turn our attention to our friends and family for advice because we need someone who is close to us to guide us through the difficult time that we are going through. We could use our friends and families for advice, but their kno...
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Law change about the divorce process and alimony

A divorce is usually a lаѕt resort in a аttеmрt to fix a difficult marriage and rесtifу еmоtiоnаl diѕtrеѕѕ. Alimоnу wаѕ a vеrу common issue in thе divоrсе lаndѕсаре during thе раѕt few decades. The standard of living often changes for one individual more than anot...
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