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Challenges of Divorce in my 20’s – Divorce lawyer in Northport

In our thirty plus years of experience providing quality legal services throughout Long Island, we have strived to assist our clients in navigating the ups and downs of divorce trials, while maintaining a compassionate and comfortable environment. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Huntington, Simonetti & Associates is here to cater to you. We understand that divorce happens for a variety of reasons and that each divorce is unique in nature. Difficulties of divorce encompass a wide array of issues, but you are not alone in facing them! Some common difficulties often surround;

  • Division of property between spouses
  • Spousal support conflict
  • Child Support Conflict

Divorce In Your 20’s :

Dealing with divorce in one’s 20’s presents individuals with a specific set of challenges, and we are here to help, starting with understanding the potential causes of your divorce.

Common Reasons For Divorce In Your 20’s:

  • You and/or your partner have undergone significant changes since marriage
  • Lack of effective communication regarding central issues
  • Emerging differences in central values, beliefs, etc. such as the prospect of having children, career choices, etc.

If you are dealing with divorce in your 20’s and are looking for a Divorce Lawyer in Huntington, Simonetti & Associates can provide you with the guidance that you need at a reasonable cost, with various options available to foster the most wallet-friendly means of providing you with the legal support that you need.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a negative experience! Despite the emotionally sensitive nature of divorce, it’s important to remember the many benefits that removing oneself from an unhealthy or unideal relationship via divorce may have.

Potential Benefits of Divorce:

  • Improvements in both mental, and physical health
    • Chronic stress, such as produced by the issues and implications of an unhappy marriage, can be detrimental for one’s health, producing common mood disorders such as depression and anxiety
    • Chronic Stress can lower one’s projected life expectancy by impacting many tangible lifestyle choices ranging from the food that we choose to eat to our physical activity levels
  • Increase your Self Confidence
    • Despite the potential hardships and challenges produced by the divorce, through overcoming said difficulties, you will feel satisfied in your decision to make a positive life choice for yourself
  • Provides a positive example for children/loved ones
    • By choosing to end a toxic or unhealthy relationship, you demonstrate the fact that individual change, as well as change within a relationship, is normal and healthy, rather than something to be feared or avoided

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Huntington, contact us at Simonetti & Associates today and schedule your free consultation!