Mineola Father's Rights Attorney

Father’s Rights in New York

Whether you are unmarried or in the process of having a divorce in Mineola, New York,  it is crucial to know and establish your rights as a father. When there is a child involved, history does not favor the father as the traditional family model supports the mother in child support and custody cases. Despite this, you are still entitled to having an active role in your child’s life. Fortunately, on Long Island, it is possible to have that chance.

On Long Island, judges are open to the concept of the father being the primary or sole caretaker as well as the mother. This is especially important to fathers who are not married to the mother of their child. Usually, unmarried fathers have a more difficult time gaining custody or visitation rights despite the fact that martial standing has no legal basis on determining parental rights. In order to become eligible for the legal rights of your child, you must establish paternity. This can be done by signing an acknowledgment of paternity or initiating a paternity action.  

Fathers going through the process of divorce find similar hardship in their attempt to obtain legal support in having a meaningful role in their child’s life. Unfortunately, the courts in the state of New York do not usually award joint custody. Despite this, there are attorneys who do not take that into consideration when putting you through a long and unsuccessful legal battle. Simonetti and Associates, however, are not those type of attorneys. We work with you to establish realistic goals while being aware of the emotional and financial toll it can take.

At Simonetti and Associates conveniently located near Mineola, we place a strong emphasis on equal custody rights in both Nassau and Suffolk County. If you need help in establishing your deserved rights as a father in the Mineola area, we can help. Contact us by phone at (877) 385-2560 or fill out a free consultation inquiry today.