Child Exclusively with One Parent and Modification of Child Support

Long Island Best Divorce Lawyer said this appeal was the result of an upward modification of a child support order.  Appellant father appealed an order of the Family Court, Suffolk County which denied his objections to an order granting Respondent mother’s petition for an upward modification of father’s child support obligation.

In order for a modification of a parent’s child support obligation the petitioner must show a “substantial change in circumstances sufficient to warrant the modification of the [parent’s] child support obligation.”  A Nassau County Child Custody Lawyer said the Appellate Division agreed with the Family Court’s determination.  Facts showed that the father’s visitation subsequently ceased, which resulted in the mother’s child related expenses increasing dramatically due to the child living exclusively with her.  This constituted a substantial change which warranted modification.

Fulfilling one’s child support obligations is important.  However, sometimes life events warrant these obligations to be adjusted.  Seek out the legal advice of the experienced Divorce Attorneys at Simonetti & Associates.