Parent is Hostile

Long Island’s Best Divorce Lawyer said this appeal stems from an order of the Family Court granting petitioner’s (hereafter father) petition for modification of a child custody arrangement.  The Family Court modified the existing child custody arrangement and granted the father primary physical custody of the parent’s two sons.

Father brought the petition as a result of the mother failing to inform father “immediately when the older son was diagnosed with cancer in October 2011, did not advise father that surgery was required until after surgery had occurred, and also refused to sign authorizations which would permit the father to speak with the son’s doctor until the father commenced a court proceeding to compel her to do so.”  A Nassau County Divorce Lawyer said the father also testified that the mother would limit the sons’ ability to communicate with him on the internet, listen in on their telephone conversations, and would be inflexible whenever the sons’ scheduled activities interfered with visitation time.

The Family Court did recognize that both parties are loving parents well attentive to the sons’ medical and educational needs, and the Court credited the mother with her success as the sons’ primary caretaker since 2003.  However, Long Island’s Best Divorce Lawyer described how the mother’s hostility towards the father resulted in the Court’s decision.  She ultimately “alienated the sons from her as well as interfered with her relationship with [the father].”  The Court deemed her conduct “so inconsistent with the best interests of the [sons] as to, per se, raise a strong probability that [the mother] is unfit to act as a custodial parent.”

Child custody arrangements can be modified.  Seek out the advice of the experienced family law attorneys at Simonetti & Associates to discuss your rights.