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Circumstances that can make me lose my spousal support – Huntington divorce lawyer

If a couple has gotten a divorce the court can award spousal support or alimony to one of the people in the divorce. This is designed so that one person is not placed in unfair or difficult economic conditions. If you are receiving spousal support there are circumstances that can cause you to lose you spousal support. At Simonetti & Associates, a Huntington divorce lawyer can help you stay informed on what circumstances can cause you to lose your spousal support. Spousal Support: The conditions that can affect the amount of spousal support can be based on a number of different factors like:
  • Length of the marriage
  • Couples standard of living during the course of the marriage
  • Age and physical condition of the spouses
  • The financial condition of the spouses
  • Amount of time it would take for the spouse to become financially independent
How you can lose spousal support: If you are currently receiving spousal support from a previous marriage there are certain actions you can do that can cause you to lose this support. One of the most common ways is that you decide to move in with a new significant other. The court may see this as you no longer require support from your ex-spouse and allow your ex to stop paying spousal support.  Another way that you can lose your spousal support is if your ex finds themselves suddenly unemployed. This does not mean that they are unemployed by their own choice. If the person who is paying spousal support develops an illness that makes it difficult to maintain spousal support payments, or unable to make payments a judge may be inclined to stop requiring spousal support payments be made. At Simonetti & Associates, our Huntington divorce lawyer can answer any questions you may have regarding spousal support payments. Spousal support payments are made from one ex-spouse to another if the financial conditions after the divorce are deemed to be unfair. There are ways however that spousal support can be canceled or stopped by a court’s ruling. At Simonetti & Associates, our Huntington divorce lawyer is here to help you with any potential questions or topics you may want to discuss your spousal support. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.