Complex Divorce in Oyster Bay

Complex Divorce in Oyster Bay

Any divorce is very difficult to deal with.  Divorces usually entail common issues including child custody, alimony, child support, division of assets and much more.  Complex divorces however have an added level of emotionally draining strife and usually deal with issues of more difficult appeasement as well as greater monetary issues. Complex divorce can concern high asset cases when spouses share multiple real estate, tax problems, trust assets, marital assets in different states, split siblings, and more.

When there are many issues to resolve that, having a skilled complex divorce attorney in the Oyster Bay area is critical.  It is important to identify the issues and receive the correct help.  An example would be if there are assets to be disputed such as taxes, a financial planner should be involved.

A beneficial option for finding a solution to a complex divorce would be mediation.  Mediation will help negotiate and come to a mutual agreement between you and your spouse.  During mediation, you will present facts, opinions, demands, feelings, and options and listen to your spouse’s in return. The third party mediation will express their concerns to openly help reach a goal with agreement.

A second option for reaching agreement in an Oyster Bay complex divorce is known as collaborative law.  Collaborative law is a team the helps come to an agreement.  A collaborative law team includes a neutral specialist speaking for each client.  During this process, each party will have their attorney speaking for them to protect their interests.  If an agreement isn’t met during collaborative law, the parties must enter litigation. Divorce litigation involves presenting facts to a court.  These facts may be kept private until court.

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