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Dating During The Divorce Process – Divorce lawyer in Franklin Square

Dating when you’re single is hard enough, dating during the divorce process is even harder. That’s why at Simonetti & Associates, the best Long Island divorce lawyer, we’re here to make things easier for you. It’s not uncommon for people to consider dating during their divorce. Divorces can take some time and when you’re no longer feeling physically or mentally attached to your ex-spouse, one can’t help but consider the possibility of meeting someone else. So, what should you know before dating during a divorce?

It can hurt your divorce progress:

While you may be over your soon to be ex-spouse they may not be as ready to face the fact that you two will no longer be one soon. Your ex may lash out and possibly even hurt your divorce progress, making the process longer and messier, especially if you’re seeking spousal support or a settlement. If that does happen just know you’re in good hands here at Simonetti & Associates, the best Long Island divorce lawyer.

It can be emotionally stressful:

While new attention can be refreshing and exciting, remember to take a breath and make sure that you are ready to embark on a new relationship. Make sure you’ve closed all old doors before opening up a new one.

If you have kids it may be confusing to them:

Children have a tough time dealing with their parents getting divorced as it is, so it may be confusing if they see you around someone new. Consider how this will affect them emotionally and how this will change custody arrangements. Maintaining a working relationship with your ex-husband is critical when co-parenting your children.

Here at Simonetti & Associates, the best Long Island divorce lawyer, we understand how difficult it can be getting back on your feet and dating again, especially when going through a divorce. We will make sure if you do want to date during the divorce process you get the best support out there.