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Different types of child custody – Divorce Lawyer in Commack

Going through a divorce with children involved can be difficult. At Simonetti & Associates, we can give you a divorce lawyer in Huntington who will tell you all about the different types of child custody, and which one is appropriate for you and your situation.

Before you decide what type of custody to pursue, it is important to know about the different types of child custody and the varying factors that go along with what you might be entitled to.

  • Sole custody: One parent has exclusive legal rights to the child, while the other will be rewarded with visitation usually.
  • Joint custody: Both spouses have legal rights regarding the child, and shared responsibility. Both parents must cooperate with the agreements decided in court.
  • Split custody: Although uncommon, this involves multiple children being divided between parents.
  • Third-party custody: The child will go to live with a third-party, usually used in extreme situations.

In New York, the courts will decide the best interest of the child regarding who will be awarded custody. Your divorce lawyer in Huntington will tell you the various factors the courts will consider when deciding what is best for the child, including:

  • Parent’s ability to care for the child
  • Parent’s mental and physical health
  • History of domestic violence, drug or alcohol use
  • Parent’s work schedules
  • Child’s preference (if the child is old enough to decide)
  • Parent’s ability to cooperate with each other

Whatever the circumstances are regarding your divorce and your child’s best interest, as a divorce lawyer in Huntington, we at Simonetti & Associates will consider what the best decision is for you and your child when deciding what type of custody to pursue. We understand that this is a difficult time for everybody involved, but it is important to put your child’s interests first when deciding whether or not you want your ex-spouse involved in their life or not. Remember, you can always change your custody agreements later if the circumstances should change over time. Contact us today!