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Do I Need a Prenup if I Had Kids Before Marriage? – Divorce lawyer in Franklin Square

Divorce is an unfortunate issue many marriages contend with. It is always in your best interest to protect your assets and those you love. If you have children from a previous relationship, it is in your best interest to sign a prenuptial agreement (prenup) to keep your inheritance with your children. Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Massapequa are specially trained to handle tense prenup situations that protect your children.


Protect Your Children’s Inheritance

Do you have any valuables you’ve collected that you want your children to have one day? Does your family have priceless artwork you’re are planning to sell to send your kids to college or other antiques that you are looking forward to giving your kids?  Lastly, do you want your children to have your property once you decide to move on? A prenup can be used to clearly outline your assets and prevent a heated legal fight if the time comes for a divorce. Having a prenup will protect your children’s future by making sure they aren’t disinherited by your spouse. The prenup clearly outlines your belongings and assures your kids from a prior marriage or relationship will be safe in the future. Simonetti & Associates, the divorce lawyer in Massapequa guarantees to make the prenup process seamless and stress-free for you and your partner.


Back Up Your Intentions

You can never have enough paperwork to help protect your children. It is easier and recommended to handle asset disputes before a marriage takes a wrong turn. You and your partner can make decisions with a clear head in a stress-free time and environment. Prenups are nearly unbreakable once they are signed and are protected by the courts.  Losing possessions that you wanted your kids to obtain is devastating for yourself and potentially your children’s future. Spelling out how your assets should be divided is a logical protection plan for your kids to keep them safe for the long term. With the help of a divorce lawyer in Massapequa, backing up your intentions with a prenup can protect all assets you want to give your kids, such as real estate, cash, or jewelry.


Your Kids Should Come First

Simonetti & Associates, a divorce lawyer in Massapequa knows how to protect you and your children’s best interest when it comes time to agree to a prenup. Children are a chance to create someone better than we are, and as a parent, you always want to do the best thing for your child’s future. A prenup is guaranteed legal protection to secure your belongings end up with your children and not in the wrong hands. We always assume a marriage is going to be a permanent answer but you can never be too sure when it comes to protecting your children’s future. If you have any prenuptial questions or concerns please contact us at (877)-385-2560 or check our website at for any other information.