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Do you need to make a divorce announcement on social media? – Best Divorce Lawyer on Long Island

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With social media so prevalent today, and because breaking the news about divorce can be difficult for some, one might think the best decision is to announce it on social media for all to see. As the best divorce lawyer on Long Island, we at Simonetti & Associates will tell you if announcing your divorce on social media is the right decision for you.

Announcing Your Divorce Publicly 

Aside from simply changing your Facebook status from “married” to “single”, you should make an announcement that is brief, to the point. It should also not place your ex in a negative light. If your split was amicable, you could have both you and your former spouse write the same thing on your respective pages. If your divorce has not been amicable, you should still try to keep it respectful, as dissing your spouse on social media will reflect poorly on your character and have a negative impact on your divorce proceedings.

If you have children, it is important to consider them in what you write. Remember that they too are going through this difficult time with you and if they are old enough to have social media; the last thing they want to see is their parents arguing online. If you and your spouse are having custody disagreements, our best divorce lawyer on Long Island would suggest you not discuss these matters over social media. We at Simonetti & Associates suggest it is better to discuss these serious legal matters with your attorney, not over Facebook or Twitter. Dissing the parent of your children will not help either party in the courts, so avoid doing this.

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With the help of the best divorce lawyer on Long Island, if you plan on announcing your divorce on social media, it is important to keep it brief, respectful and considerate of everybody involved. You do not want to embarrass your ex, your children, your family, or friends on social media, as this will reflect poorly on everybody involved. At Simonetti & Associates, we want to make your divorce as easy as possible, so if you need to avoid social media altogether, we might suggest that as well. Sometimes, it might be better to just take a break from social media during this stressful time, to avoid any further conflict. Contact us today!