Levittown Divorce Attorney

Levittown Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never easy and understanding the updated New York State Laws can be stressful. Also, money is and will always be a factor. With all of these issues at play, where does this leave you?

You may also have questions on what happens if kids are involved as well as if you and your spouse own any businesses. All these pending questions and concerns can be answered with the help of a skilled attorney. Simonetti and Associates located near Levittown will assist in easing your mind, minimizing your stress, and answering all your questions.

New York State is constantly changing its laws so to keep up, our attorneys thoroughly research the updated laws to practice the correct and legal ways of divorce.  Whether that be separation, child custody, or support alimony or investments, our attorneys located near Levittown will clearly communicate the specific rules regulations and instructions of all legal matters.

Children can become a big concern when filing for divorce. Questions like who gets primary custody of who and for how long, are very important in the long-run. It can be a process unlike no other. Compensation and support catered to either parent can be confusing and demanding, that’s why our attorneys located near Levittown can help ease the concerns. Often times children are affected and that’s one major concern that is carefully handled with extreme care

Divorce commodities and alimony aren’t often split down the middle, so if you own a business it could be affected by divorce. Our attorneys located near Levittown understand the ins and outs of your business in your area. They’ll be sure to help with the stress if your business becomes a factor.   

Don’t fret on divorce, we all know it can be stressful. Let us worry about the newest New York State laws and how child support of custody will benefit both parents. We can ease the mind of alimony and investments along with business concerns. If you’re thinking about divorce in the Levittown area, let our attorney’s help you dissolve your marriage in the cleanest way possible. Call us for a free consultation at 877-385-2560

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