Can a Father Get Custody of the Children? – Divorce attorney in Nassau County

In any case, the custody rights of a child are always an issue. If you are looking to go through a divorce, you will want to know if your child will wind up living with you or not. If they don’t wind up living with you, you will want to be able to make the decision of how your child should be raised. If you have any questions regarding child custody, contact our divorce lawyer in Hicksville.  Contact us today for a consultation!


The legal precedent for the mother to get primary custody

In order for the mother to gain full custody of her children, she has to be prepared for a difficult challenge. Full custody grants physical and legal custody to one parent instead of both. With full custody, one parent is the main guardian, and the other one is known as the one that is granted visitation rights. To completely win full custody as a mother  you must be able to show the court that if they are going to award you custody you need to be able to provide all of the following. You need to have a strong relationship with your child, and have a home lifestyle that is stable. You also need to prove that the father is not able to meet the child’s wants and needs, and lacks involvement with the child. If you are a mother who is looking to get full custody but are not sure about the necessary steps needed for this process, contact a divorce lawyer in Hicksville. We are qualified in answering any questions on retaining primary custody.


3 ways in which the father could get primary custody


  • Continue paying child support- A father who wants complete custody of his child should continue to make regular payments. The father should maintain records such as a written letter from the mother regarding the child support arrangements. If the father has the capability of making payments he should tell the court that he has a good record of making those payments on time.
  • Building a strong relationship with the childA father should call his child often, and check in on his day as much as possible. A father should be active in his child’s school life and introduce himself to any teachers. The father should be able to prove to his child that he is always there to offer assistance when needed, and even if not needed.
  • Have a good planA judge will expect the father to be prepared for fighting for the custody of the child. Fathers should have knowledge of how to respond to difficult questions asked by the judge. For example, the judge can ask questions such as what type of environment will the child live in, and also and how financially stable the father is.


We can help!

Deciding who should gain custody of your child is never an easy decision. There are  always conflicts, and disputes while going through this process. If you are looking for advice on  how to gain full custody of your child, contact Simonetti & Associates the best divorce lawyers in Hicksville. Our divorce lawywers specialize in providing the correct feedback on how to gain custody of your child. Simonetti & Associates has been voted the best divorce lawyer on Long Island for the past 4 years. Divorce trials can be very expensive, but we provide services at a reasonable, and affordable price. Simonetti & Associates handles any divorce case, and can definitely help you with the situation you are going through. Contact us today for a consultation!